Size: 6
Color: Sand
Sale price$650.00


The "Grit Pull-On Steel Toe Safety Boot" in sand color is a type of safety footwear designed for robust protection in industrial and construction environments. Here are the key features and specifications you might expect from such boots:

  • Steel Toe Cap: Provides protection against heavy impacts and compression from falling objects or equipment.
  • Pull-On Design: Offers convenience and ease of use without the need for laces, typically featuring pull loops to aid in putting them on.
  • Safety Standards: Compliant with safety regulations and standards for workplace footwear, ensuring protection against common hazards.
  • Material: Typically made from durable materials such as leather or synthetic materials, designed to withstand harsh conditions and provide comfort during extended wear.
  • Color: The "sand" color suggests a neutral or light tan shade, which can help in maintaining a clean appearance in dusty environments while offering visibility.

These boots are commonly used in construction sites, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other workplaces where foot protection against impact, compression, and other workplace hazards is essential. When choosing safety footwear, it's crucial to ensure they meet relevant safety standards and provide a comfortable fit for all-day wear, contributing to both safety and productivity in the workplace.

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