KG: 5.0KG
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The "Chubb 5.0kg CO2" fire extinguisher is a specific type of fire extinguisher designed to tackle fires involving Class B (flammable liquids and gases) and Class E (energized electrical equipment). Here are the key details about this type of extinguisher:

  • CO2 (Carbon Dioxide): This extinguisher uses carbon dioxide gas stored under pressure in liquid form to extinguish fires. CO2 works by displacing oxygen, thereby suffocating the fire. It is suitable for Class B and Class E fires because it does not conduct electricity and does not leave residue that could damage electrical equipment.

  • Capacity: The Chubb 5.0kg CO2 extinguisher holds 5.0 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

  • Applications: This type of extinguisher is commonly found in places such as server rooms, laboratories, workshops, and areas with electrical and flammable liquid hazards.

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